Manolo millares

Manolo Millares (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 1926 - Madrid 1972), was a Spanish artist of the 20th Century, co-founder of the artistic group, El Paso, in 1957.

In the beginning of his career he dedicated himself to landscape paintings, figurative compositions and self portraits, in a similar style of the paintings by Vincent van Gogh. It was in 1949 when he started to focus his expression into a most abstract style. His favourite materials when he intend to create his composition were the burlap sacks or ropes where he pasted garbage objects. Later, making a huge gesture of expression, he covered the materials with paint, giving the composition movement, volume and matter.

Derivative of his interest for aboriginal culture, of the Canary Islands, his paintings show some strong interest in constructivism, which later, in 1956, evolved to an materic investigation, which took the artist to his paradigmatic paintings with burlap.

In words of the artist: "The insolit is waiting me in the lost dimension of a burlap that finds its only paralel in the obscure of the unknown"

Available works

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Cuadro 186  , 1962  Mixed media on burlap  130 x 98 cm   SOLD

Cuadro 186, 1962

Mixed media on burlap

130 x 98 cm