In her first solo show, the Spanish artist introduces us to a universe of hedonism, color and freedom.

Inspired by her travels around the Mediterranean and a residency in Ibiza, this exhibition transport us to the inner world of the artist. In there, we must meet a single requirement:  to unleash our senses and to let ourselves go. Miranda manifests in her paintings an expressive language of vibrant colors and pure dynamism, appropriating the female figure as an absolute reflection of beauty.

In 1932, Portuguese president António Salazar claimed, “we should allow man to struggle with external life, on the street... and allow the woman to defend life, bringing it in her arms, bringing it inside the home.” What have women done to this life they fester? Running from the 6th of June to the 20th of July at Mirat Projects (Calle Blanca de Navarra 8, Madrid), this exhibition explores how celebrated and emerging women artists in Portugal have experimented with new modes of resistance.

We are delighted to announce Pablo Carpio’s (1979, Madrid) second solo show at Mirat Projects. The exhibition charts the artist’s original speculations upon the urban space and its evolutions in a distant future.

Inspired by the layered memories of metropolitan outskirts around the world, Carpio innovatively engages with painting as a non-human means of expression, revealing the poetics of abandonment in contemporary cities.

Mirat Projects presents a unique exhibition featuring international modern and contemporary artists exploring formal experiments with the object, the form and the colour in painting, sculpture and design. Running from the 21st of December until the 27th of February, the group show will present two interlocking lines of work: on the one hand, the suprematist rejection of practical utility following avant-garde painter Kasimir Malevich’s lead,  (...)

The exhibition presents a journey from the nineteenth century to our days about the dialogue and forms of expression held by different artists and cultures between art, sex and eroticism. This exhibition features works by artists such as Picasso, Robert Mapplethorpe, David Salle, Toulouse Lautrec, Bert Stern, and up and coming artists where we can find works by Mei Morettini, Carla Cascales, Miranda Makaroff or Marck.

MEDOUSA the first solo exhibition in Madrid of the artist Luis Olaso.  This exhibition has as a leiv motiv the human visage, as an element capable of defining the soul’s identity, from its absence (in the paintings) to its presence (in the mannequins). It is the intention of the artist to create a reflection about the human visage; the face from the religious imaginary to publicity nowadays acts as a universal claim, nevertheless Luis Olaso’s bodies, mainly feminine, are portrayed without head. 

AMERICAN COOL is an homage to a group of artists who lived an unique moment, a genuine phase of history which will never be repeated, an era of changes and movements which made of New York a sacred place with a different and modern vision that impacted in all global changes which appeared aftermath. 


"(No) dialogue" it is the first solo of the Slovenian artist Dusa Jesih (Ljubljana 1977) in Spain in which the artist starts a search for balance between space and time, between movement and stillness, the finite and the infinite. This search becomes a constant in her works in which she studies the combination of geometric and morphological and the differents chromatic elements.

Zuleta (Guatemala City, 1984) present in Mirat Projects space its series Over Time a series of pieces which take the inspiration from children's toys and that life stage which is the game. The artist has worked the geometry, studying in depth the art kinetic and the op-art. Each piece exhibited in Over Timerepresent a movement from the origin, a life line: light, space, time and movement.

Mirat Projects presents Pablo Carpio’s first solo show in Madrid curated by Ricardo Mirat, Director of the gallery. The Spanish artist lives and works between New York and Mexico DF and his works explore the pictorial matrix, creative process and plastic possibilities. Carpio uses acrylic paint as a vehicle to produce and construct new dynamics in his artworks.