at Mirat Projects (C/ Blanca de Navarra 8).

Until 14th of September, Monday-Friday from 11am to 8pm.

Accompanying the official presentation of the new Heridadegato fashion collection, a series of installations and performances were carried out. "In this case the garments are almost blank (white) canvases, they are garments that decontextualized from the human body lose any recognizable form" says Maria about the election from the gallery for the presentation. In addition, following the artistic line that runs through their veins, the campaign images - which will be taught in a special way - will be accompanied by works by artists who have been inspired by the collection such as Nuria Mora, Ouka Leele or Julia Llerena.

The campaign was produced in Benidorm with model Benia and photographer Diego Etxeberria. "We went there, without locating and letting ourselves be taken by that city. Uniting synergies they managed to create what would be a making off of the campaign showing the experience of the coolest road trip dressed in the clothes of the new series on very varied backgrounds: sand, palm trees, gas stations, hotels or beach accessories stores. All of them landscapes that combine harmoniously with the white color, the undoubted protagonist of the collection: "We will see the white in all its tonalities and textures. It is a very handcrafted collection, with almost unique and unrepeatable garments, dyed, embroidered and hand-painted, "says María and continues:" We have included synthetic leather handbags and accessories. All with recycled and sustainable fabrics ". *

"El alba, albus, album.
The white, the visible spectrum, the point, the center. First daylight before sunrise."

This collection marks a before and after in the collections of Heridadegato. It is the first born from a concept as broad as the dawn. It will be the first Heridadegato collection that breaks the barriers of fashion to approach the world of art, both in the way of creating the garments through a manual and artisan process, almost at the level of works of art, and in the form of to be shown through an artistic language and to be exhibited in a context such as an art gallery.

The fact of not doing a parade and making an exhibition is an intention in itself. We want to play with the viewer's perception and create a diffuse line between fashion and art. We start with three elements that will make up the exhibition: photographs, garments, models.

This exhibition is framed at the center of a series of actions that the brand is developing with artists, designers, etc. Each of them, have been given the same pattern and bases to create a piece inspired by the concept of the collection without even having seen the clothes.
The artists that participate in the exhibition are: Ouka Leele with a sculpture "Golden Tree", 2018, variable measures, wood, string, acrylic paint and iron, Nuria Mora with a sculpture "Unstable Balance", 2018, variable measures, smalted ceramic and Julia Llerena with an intervened book "Atmósfera", 2018 38x55 cm.

*source: online magazine Vein (http://vein.es/alba-albus-album-el-blanco-se-aduena-de-heridadegato/)

ricardo mirat