Mirat Projects Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of our new exhibition “Tempestade em copo d’agua” Portuguese Women Artists, which will take place on the 6th of June from 19.00, and will feature works from emerging and celebrated women artist in Portugal.

 In 1932, Portuguese president António Salazar claimed, “we should allow man to struggle with external life, on the street... and allow the woman to defend life, bringing it in her arms, bringing it inside the home.” What have women done to this life they fester?

Helena Almeida, Maria Helena Vieira Da Silva, Paula Rego are women who make a fuss. Their works avoid inescapable dichotomies, true or false; either-or; letting one explode with rage or burst into laughs. Within the too close, tactile sphere of self-reflection, active fabulations erupt, storming our centres of perception. Following their lead, younger artists such as Manuela Pimentel and Maria Trabulo turn their gazes outward.

Making a mess of the confined space of their own intimacy or of what is most mundane, Almeida, Veira da Silva, Rego, Pimentel & Trabulo bring about revolutions for the time of a single hesitation.

From morning to night, from hand to mouth, let us never cease from fabulating storms within a teacup!

“Tempestade em copo d’agua” Portuguese Women Artists will be on show at Mirat Projects (Calle Blanca de Navarra 8, 28010 Madrid) until the 20th of July 2018.

Curated by Jade de Cock & Tiago Feijóo. 

For more information please contact us to office@miratprojects.com.