Hïbrido Aáron Sanromán

"HÍBRIDO" is video-mapping project developed in a natural environment, created with the intention of redeeming the geographic and geological memory of the landscape. To do this, it combines two elements: the context of the Galician forests, and water videos received after publishing a call on social networks where anyone could collaborate by sending a video with the water as an only protagonist. A total of 211 people from all over the world participated from countries such as India, Iran, Australia, Russia, Chile ... building a bridge that dissolved borders and united elements from different territories.

These videos were used to project their image and fill the void in ponds, dams, rivers and streams caused by the severe fires that occurred in the mountains of Vigo and surroundings in mid-October of 2017.

This hybridization resulted in a new landscape that uses technology to recreate a utopian image with holographic elements. The project illuminates the darkness of the path creating a new image on the black left by the burning and raises a new appearance on the landscape that disappeared.

ricardo mirat