Object, Form, Colour – Mirat Projects

“I have conquered the lining of the coloured sky, I have plucked the colours, put them into the bag I have made, and tied it with a knot. Sail on! The white, free depths, eternity, is before you.” With this statement, the conquest of a new world is proclaimed. Kazimir Malevich announces a century of experiments with the boundaries of our perception. This exhibition at Mirat Projects will present two interlocking lines of work: on the one hand, the suprematist rejection of practical utility, and on the other, the playful embracement of the functional. While Malevich gave rise to a movement of formal reduction based on originality, Andy Warhol explored the implications of Duchamp’s infinitely reproducible ready-made. Today Franz West’s colourful props continue to disarm the artworld. Is it a sculpture, an uncomfortable seating or an audacious joke? The confusion remains as we engage with the object, exploring its biomorphic shape, industrial texture and tacky tones.
Object – form – colour: how were these central concepts creatively negotiated by masters such as Miró, Klein, Kusama or Warhol along the next decades? What rules govern the new aesthetic worlds that have come into existence? Whereas for Vasarely, “The Pope of optic art”, the gaze gives a concrete volume to geometrical patterns, Carlos Cruz-Diez deconstructs the volume to reveal colour as an autonomous, yet elusive, body. The spectator is Vasarely’s producer and Cruz-Diez’ photosensitive object.

Object, Form, Colour will provide an opportunity to experience both the heterogeneity of modern and contemporary artists’ proposals and the common threads that can be drawn between them.