DIEGO RIVERA · Puente de Toledo

Today, November 24th, marks the 60th anniversary of the death of Diego Rivera, one of the most important Latin-American artists of all time

At Mirat Projects we want to highlight his artistic talent, his revolutionary character and his wonderful legacy. The works of Rivera with a clear cubist influence, are scarce, since this period lasted only from 1910 to 1917. Even so, Rivera left works of great quality, always with a very personal technique and characteristics. One of his cubist artworks is Puente de Toledo, the piece was produced as the sketch for the work El Puente de San Martín, which is currently in the Blaisten Collection.

Rivera created this work when he was in Spain with the aim of capturing the San Martín Bridge, a bridge that connects Toledo with the "cigarrales" (stately ranches of recreation) that surrounded the city. As is customary in cubism, Rivera dismembers and breaks the perspective to create different simultaneous visions of Toledo, is facilitated by being in a city with steep slopes. Perhaps anecdotal, but surely deliberate, is the fact that Rivera did not paint any type of church, even though he was painting a city crowded by religious symbols.

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Diego Rivera    Puente de Toledo , 1913  Oil on board  48 × 63.2 cm  Signed and dated lower left

Diego Rivera

Puente de Toledo, 1913

Oil on board

48 × 63.2 cm

Signed and dated lower left

ricardo mirat