Marcos Tamargo · Anábasis (from December 2nd, 2016 until January 9th, 2017) in this show Tamargo shows proves how his work is part of the tradition of figurative abstraction and materic painting. The work of Marcos Tamargo is today part of important collections and has been exhibited in various cultural institutions, museums and galleries.
Formed since his childhood in painting, Tamargo completed his art education in New York City, where he established in 2007. He entered the Art Students League and studied at The School of Visual Arts. It is during his New York stay when Tamargo will express in his work his interest in landscape and the experience of the journey, this will turn to be the backbone of his career. Here he begins a process of sublimation of the fundamental elements of the landscape, first industrial and urban, later human -Africa- and, finally, delocalized. The pictorial translation of this process will lead towards the use of an abstract visual language and the addition of materials collected during his trips and experiences as a traveling artist. The landscape and travel experience are thus combined in his art production.

The work of Tamargo has received a very positive welcome by the critics both nationally and internationally. Throughout his career, his path has been reaffirmed with his presence in galleries of New York, Miami, Canada, Spain, etc. His work is now part of important collections, such as National Heritage or The Hispanic Society of New York, as well as different ministries of Spain. In addition, the Oviedo City Council has recognized his talent by commissioning him, for five years, to portray the winners of the Prince of Asturias Awards (currently, the Princess of Asturias Awards).

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