American Cool is a tribute to a series of artists who lived a unique moment in history that will not be repeated, an era of changes and movements, that made New York a place of worship, with a different and modern vision, which was reflected by the diverse global changes that arose in the world. The NY of the 80s and 90s was a overflowing with creativity, a city where artists, were known, admired, and wanted to highlight, a stage of constant creation, in every way. During these years, movements such as Street Art, Neo-pop or the so-called "The Pictures Generation" emerge.

David Salle,   Untitled

David Salle, Untitled

Andy Warhol,   Querelle

Andy Warhol, Querelle

Art is merged with fashion and advertising, film and music. At the same time the underground culture, electronic music and hip hop are born. There is a greater sexual freedom, but also HIV+ (AIDS) and the boom of the cocaine. These are times of economic prosperity that accelerates the modernization that the world was crying out for. Great political changes that become milestones in history, such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of some socialist regimes and dictatorships, other neoliberalists and democracies. Great scientific advances and in the world of telecommunications. The digital world appears and with the computers new artistic movements are created that will be reflected in the works of these artists. Throughout these two decades, an extensive relationship between art and the financial market began, known as "Art Boom".

New exhibition spaces emerge in the big European and North American cities, and there is a momentum of creative success and sales, which provoke a strong demand for the works of these artists. A large number of collections and foundations are created, provoking one of the best stages of growth in the art market.

The exhibition AMERICAN COOL features works by artists such as Julian Schnabel, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Donald Sultan, John Baldessari, Ross Bleckner, Cindy Sherman, Robert Mappelthorpe and David Salle.

AMERICAN COOL at Mirat & Co / Mirat Projects Gallery (Blanca de Navarra, 8. Madrid) From February 24 to April 19, 2017.

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