Two artworks by artist Pablo Carpio have been selected for the group show 'Borderless: In Perspective' organized by the New York Foundation for the Arts in collaboration with the Lite-House gallery in Berlin

The exhibition 'Borderless: In Perspective' (December 3 to 17, 2016) will showcase the work of multidisciplinary artists who have been awarded scholarships at the IAP program, which also celebrates its tenth anniversary.


This exhibition will be part of three exhibitions entitled 'Borderless', and will be a series of three events that will be held in three cities from three different countries simultaneously: New York, Amsterdam and Berlin, and focuses on the theme of living without frontiers and the challenges facing borders today and in the past. What defines these boundaries, and how they are established, will be the proposed questions.

Carpio has presented two paintings, in which what looks like a drawing turns out not to be. The statement of his work says:


Able to adapt
Capable of easily adjusting to different conditions
These works are the result of pushing and erasing the limits of their own nature, becoming indeterminate objects capable of presenting themselves as autonomous objects, without the limitations of their own tradition.
"Adaptable (Variations)"
"Adaptable (Variations)"

The exhibition is organized by the Lite-Haus gallery in Berlin. Its founder and director is a former artist who was also a grant from NYFA. She uses her gallery as "art therapy and a tool to build bridges between different cultures and as a platform that changes the minds of immigrants from being 'art strangers' to being more art savy. Not only to create new collectors, but to meet emerging new immigrant artists. "

'Borderless' is also part of a larger project with which NYFA works with the Nodal Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin and Flux Factory in Long Island City. The aim of the project is to explore the relationship between art and its impact on different people from different backgrounds, backgrounds and places around the world.

'Borderless: In Perspective' from 3 to 17 December 2016 at the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Adaptable (Variations)  , 2016

Adaptable (Variations), 2016

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