Brian Kokoska

Graduated from Emily Carr University of Arts and Design, Brian Kokoska (1988, Vancouver) is a New-York based artist, whose work engages with the scope and expression of human identity, often by way of immersive and sensual installations.

Kokoska paints and sculpts invented, cartoonish visages, which appear at once mask-like and impenetrable, vulnerable and expressive. Among the influences shaping his work are the history and practice of portraiture; masks and their uses across cultures; youth culture; androgyny; and what he describes as “post-gender identity.” He claims to be “heavily involved in mask aesthetics, hairstyles, flowers and decoration,” motifs he incorporates into all of his work. Many of the artist’s faces are composed of a mix of masculine and feminine characteristics. With their stylized and exaggerated features, they resemble African and Oceanic masks.

Kokoska has had numerous solo exhibitions, at NADA (NY), Valentin (Rome), LOYAL (Stockholm), Ohmydays (Singapore), and Preteen Gallery (Mexico City), among others. His work has been included in group exhibitions at international institutions such as White Columns (NYC), Musee des Beau-Arts (Mons), and Maine College of Art’s ICA (Portland).


His next solo show I Want Your Orange Blood in My Muddy Pockets will take place at Mirat Projects (Madrid) between the 17th of May and 15th of June.